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Finally managed to make time for my photography hobby. This is a picture taken at discovery park in early spring. I love the raindrops sticking to the leaves.

Wake turbulence is a function of an aircraft producing lift, resulting in the formation of two counter-rotating vortices trailing behind the aircraft. Wake turbulence from the generating aircraft can affect encountering aircraft due to the strength, duration, and direction of the vortices.

Truly an amazing demonstration of the concept of wake turbulence. I wished such videos existed when I was growing up, would have helped me grasp physics concepts much faster :)

The ridiculousness of the furniture supply chain issue during COVID. I ordered a simple Bar Cart off Crate & Barrel in March of 2022. The updated estimate is the end of August 2022 and it has already been delayed thrice.

This is a perfect drink for warm summer evenings.


  • 2 oz. Huckleberry Vodka
  • 4 oz Lemonade
  • Mint Leaves for garnish
  • Blueberries


  1. Mix the Vodka and Lemonade with about 3 cubes of ice and shake for about 10 seconds
  2. Whip the mint leaves on your hand to bring out the taste
  3. Pour the drink in the glass, you can filter the ice out (optional)
  4. Add the blueberries and mint leaf sprig

Huckleberry Vodka Lemonade

Picture Collage of Ollie. This is him at his most handsome and him when he melts my heart. In one of the pictures here he seems to be tracking a squirrel up a tree. Taken when we were visiting California

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