Facebook Glasses: My Experience so far.

I recently purchased the Meta Spectacles. I often find myself fumbling for my camera when I am on walks with Ollie. There is always something interesting e.g. he suddenly wants to play with me or chase a squirrel or simply run around like crazy.

The experience has not been mind-blowing, but the convenience has been undeniable. I just look and press a button and bam it is ready to go.

Key Highlights:

  • Stylish and practical, doubling as sunglasses.
  • User-friendly: A quick button press snaps a photo, while a longer press records video.
  • Impressive frame stabilization.
  • High-definition video and image quality, though not on par with DSLRs or smartphones.
  • The audio quality is excellent. People around me can hear some sounds, but it is incoherent to them.

Drawbacks to Consider:

  • Video recording is limited to 1 minute.

I’ve included a sample video of Ollie frolicking on a Santa Cruz beach. Notice the effective stabilization and decent quality, despite some color washout in bright sunlight

Shiv Indap @spiritbear