Facebook Glasses: My Experience so far.

I recently purchased the Meta Spectacles. I often find myself fumbling for my camera when I am on walks with Ollie. There is always something interesting e.g. he suddenly wants to play with me or chase a squirrel or simply run around like crazy.

The experience has not been mind-blowing so far, but it has been convenient.

Here are some of the things I like so far

  • They look good and are functional. You can use them as sunglasses.
  • Super easy, press a button and take a photo, or long-press and start a video recording
  • Frame stabilization is good.
  • The quality of the video and images are great, not DSLR level, or even that of a camera phone, but hi-definition

Some things I do not like so far

  • Video recordings are capped at 1 minute

Here is one example video of Ollie running around a beach in Santa Cruz. As you can see the stabilization is pretty good, the colors wash out a little bit especially when the glasses are pointed at the sun, but overall the quality is really good.

Shiv Indap @spiritbear